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It’s took me a while to get back to using Southern Fried Radio. This was a podcast network at one time. It was something I was vastly proud of too. We had shows that were being created from coast to coast. That was a lot of fun when it was happening. However, things happen and life changes.

Tonight, I am going to begin some sort of revival. A new direction, and a reclaiming of the brand Southern Fried Radio for myself. I am Southern Fried Radio. A reluctantly former radio DJ or DeeJay as some put it. However, I am absolutely ready to put my talent back to their air if given the chance. (Seriously I am ready to get back on a mic and share some airwaves.) I may post the occasional but not overly regular audio post. Let’s be real it won’t be regular enough to be a podcast. At least not now.

Something I am doing is working on certifying as a project manager. It’s my natural calling. That only took me 35 years to figure out. However, as I have learned though study of the PMBOK guide and through IPM, the structure of project management may have made a huge difference in some of my ventures.

I will say this though. I have managed to pull off a festival during a pandemic. I am a very proud single father, and a much lighter person. No really, I lost 100 lbs. That is something I will be talking about. Along with blogging a lot about the food I make, and my experiments in the kitchen. I began baking as a hobby, and well I really love it. So there is a lot to discuss there. This is enough for now. Until next time…peace and love.

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